Customer Feedback

Do you have a picture of a CommuniTee on your website?

Because we change the design every year, we do not have an image of an actual CommuniTee t-shirt on our website. For those who are interested in working for LogoNation, you will be shown an actual CommuniTee during the interview process.

What type of Artwork should I send in for my ad?

Please see the Artwork Tips section for detailed information about submission of Artwork.

How much does it cost to participate on a CommuniTee?

The price is based on several factors, including ad size, shirt color, and shirt quantity. We have an extensive price list to accommodate budgets ranging from just a few hundred dollars to over a thousand dollars.

When will I receive my CommuniTee order?

It generally takes 75-90 business days to turnaround each CommuniTee order. However we can turnaround an order much faster to meet a specific event deadline.

Do you sell other promotional items?

Yes we do sell other promotional items. Please visit our click here to see some of the items we offer.