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CommuniTee T shirts

CommuniTee T-shirts

What is the CommuniTee?
The Original CommuniTee is LogoNation’s annual community promotion t-shirt. The CommuniTee is designed to promote business pride and community spirit in smaller towns throughout the United States.

We design the front of each CommuniTee around what the town is known for. Every small town in America has people, places and events that make it unique. For example, did you know that the actor Jimmy Stewart, from the classic Christmas movie "It’s A Wonderful Life," was born in Indiana, Pennsylvania? Or, did you know that the frog capital of the world is Rayne, Louisiana? These are the kinds of interesting things the CommuniTee is designed around.

Local businesses sponsor the back of the CommuniTee. Each participating business gets a custom designed ad, their own allotment of shirts, choice of imprint colors in their ad, and choice of shirt sizes. Each business also gets to place their logo within a colorful small town scene featured on each shirt. This scene is updated every year and is sketched by nationally known award winning artists.

In addition to the shirts each business receives, we like to donate free shirts back to the community at a community oriented place such as the Town Hall, Chamber of Commerce, Visitor’s Center, or school. While the vast majority of the hundreds of shirts we print and distribute are given to and distributed through the participating businesses, this additional donation of shirts helps further promote business pride and community spirit, by allowing the community to get involved in giving free shirts out at special events such as festivals and golf tournaments or to new people moving into the area.

The Original CommuniTee’s Origin
The idea for the CommuniTee was first sketched on the back of a blank white t-shirt with a black magic marker in late 1998. We decided to give the idea a shot and around Valentine’s Day in 1999 we got started selling. The first CommuniTee was sold and designed for Natchez, Mississippi. Located on the Mississippi River, Natchez is known for its Civil War era mansions, paddle boats and large river oaks covered in Spanish moss. It is a very historic and distinctive southern town, and it was the perfect town to try out the CommuniTee concept. The response to the very first CommuniTee was an instant success. Since that first CommuniTee there have been many revisions and improvements but the basic concept has stayed the same …to promote local businesses through community based advertising.

Where Can You Find The CommuniTee?
The CommuniTee has been sold in over 1000 towns thoughout more than 20 states. Over the past decade we have expanded beyond the Southeast and into the Midwest and Northeast, and will continue to introduce new towns to the unique benefits of the CommuniTee in the coming years. CommuniTees can now be seen in towns from Louisiana and Texas to as far North as Wisconsin and New York.

Map of the CommuniTee's area

CommuniTee Participants
Thousands of businesses have taken advantage of the benefits of participating on their hometown CommuniTee. Here are just a few sample ads from recent participants:

Examples of CommuniTee Participants

Examples of CommuniTee Participants