5 Simple Ways To Increase Your Business Profits

Would you like to increase your small business profits without a lot of hassle? Here are 5 basic ways to increase the profits of any business of any size:

  1. smallbusiness-success-46982788_sGet more leads – This requires contacting more people or attracting more potential customers to contact you, in a consistent manner.
  2. Increase conversions – This is the percentage of people who interact with your business and choose to buy. For example if you interacted with 5 potential customers a day and 2 of them bought from you, your conversion rate would be 40%. Do this every day and you can really boost your income.
  3. Increase your average sale – If you can get 2 customers a day to buy at the $100 level instead of the $40 level, you have increased your average sale by 250%! Be sure you always have higher-priced products and services to offer those who are interested.
  4. Increase the number of transactions – Aim to get each customer to buy more often, or to have more customers buying every day.
  5. Increase profit margin – This means either charging higher prices or getting products or labor at lower costs, or both. You don’t want to be the most expensive business in your category, but often customers associate higher price with higher quality. Experiment with pricing to see what works best.

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Benefits Of Creatively Promoting Your Brand The LogoNation Way

LogoNation Contest WinnerCreative brand promotions, designed the LogoNation Inc. way, deliver benefits that go well beyond the advertising that results.

LogoNation reviews shed light on just how creative this company’s promotional branding options are. The company offers a diversity of brand promotional tools, but is best known for its CommuniTee project. This brand promotion is meant to take local marketing to a whole new level.

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Twisted Vapors of KY Wins CommuniTee Prize For April 2016

Twisted Vapors, a vape lounge in Russellville, KY, is the winner of the LogoNation CommuniTee prize for April 2016.

twistedvapor-winnerTwisted Vapors hosted a cloud competition on April 9, 2016, to raise money for Amanda Harper, a victim of a domestic violence shooting that occurred in Russellville on March 15, 2016. (All proceeds went to Amanda.) During the cloud competition the owners gave away several items including the T-shirts recently purchased from LogoNation (see photo).

LogoNation CommuniTee T-shirts are a great way to promote your community and your business, as you build community pride and spirit.

Any customer of LogoNation can enter the company’s monthly CommuniTee contest, which gives a cash prize for the best photo or email featuring the t-shirts “in action.” Contact your local LogoNation rep or the company to learn more!

Can Promoting Your Brand Benefit Customers, Too?

smallbiz-branding-53981374_sMost business owners know that name-brand recognition is critical for enticing customers through their doors while keeping a steady stream of new ones arriving. With that in mind, brand building efforts have become a major thrust of marketing efforts these days. But can boosting a company’s brand also be seen as a benefit for customers? Those whose brand is built the LogoNation Inc. way will find the answer is a resounding yes.

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The Value Of Focusing Your Small Business

A One-Page Checklist Can Lead To More Profits

focus-priorities-47441050_sEvery small business has limited resources in terms of time, money and energy. That’s why it’s so valuable to focus your resources on a target market and a competitive advantage that helps you win more often.

Focusing means you say “yes” to some opportunities and “no” to others. And if you’re the kind of person who likes to please other people, always hoping for the best, it can be especially hard to turn away from options that are not likely to lead to profit.

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LogoNation Inc. – Why You Should Use Community-Oriented Products For Branding

The Original CommuniTeeSmall businesses tend to serve small geographical areas where highly targeted, localized marketing and branding is a must for success. LogoNation Inc. offers a distinct way businesses can achieve this goal without breaking the bank. What’s more, LogoNation Inc.’s community-based projects and products help companies build goodwill as they promote their brands.

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5 Tips For Spring Cleaning Your Business

woman-at-desk-28183669_sMarch brings the start of spring, and it’s a great time to enjoy the benefits of spring cleaning for your business. Here are 5 tips from LogoNation Inc. for spring cleaning your business for the better:

  1. Clean off your desk to help you focus. Every object on your desk is a potential distraction from what you need to be doing now. Even when we aren’t conscious of it, our minds tend to wander to that note or that reminder or that piece of paper… and where were we now? Even if you are a natural “stacker” of papers, try to minimize the number of stacks to just one – items needing action – and get the rest off your desk. You’ll be amazed at how this helps you concentrate and get more done.

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Lafayette LA Landscaper Wins January 2016 CommuniTee Prize

AcadianaLandscape-Jan2016winnerAcadiana Landscape Materials of Lafayette, LA, is the winner of the LogoNation CommuniTee prize for January 2016. Owner Toby Daigle, shown int he photo  with three of his “future crew members,” says, “They could not wait to put on their new CommuniTee t-shirts! I’m sure they won’t stay clean for long! They’re a bit big on them now, but I’m sure they’ll grow into them just like they’ll grow into the business.”

“Poppa enough story telling. Time to get back to work!”

Acadiana Landscape Materials is locate at 727 Albertson Parkway in Lafayette, LA, phone (337)330-2677.

LogoNation CommuniTee T-shirts are a great way to promote your community and your business, as you build community pride and spirit.

Any customer of LogoNation can enter the company’s monthly CommuniTee contest, which gives a cash prize for the best photo or email featuring the t-shirts “in action.” Contact your local LogoNation rep or the company to learn more!


LogoNation Inc.: Helping Businesses Reach New Heights

business-leader-climb-mtn-14378927_sSince its inception in 1998, LogoNation has had one aim: to help small businesses reach their goals through creative, community advertising. The company’s vision to be recognized as a leader in community-oriented advertising is supported by its mission to “provide community-oriented products that creatively promote businesses and enhance communities while maintaining superior customer relationships.”

True to its business goals, the company has been recognized many times as being one of the fastest-growing private companies, and to date has a steady annual growth rate of up to 15% on the average. LogoNation wishes the same success for the businesses they serve, as it constantly comes up with new, creative, and cost-effective ways to promote businesses and foster community spirit, especially among local business owners.

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LogoNation Provides Brand Promotion Strategies for Small Businesses

branding-35336256_sBranding is just as critical a part of a small business’s marketing strategy as it is in the case of huge corporations. As a local business owner, it is important that you understand the role that brand promotion plays in your overall marketing efforts.

Branding is key to defining your business’s identity and also the image you want to portray to your target audiences. Without clear branding, it will be extremely hard for your business to capture the right market, because every brand is an extension of your business’s core values.

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