Magnetic Business Cards from LogoNation Are Valuable Marketing Tools

magnetic-bus-cardsCustom printed magnets are valuable and effective marketing tools that are all too often overlooked by business owners. Many entrepreneurs tend to stick to marketing techniques that they know and promotional methods that have worked in the past, so they miss out on other creative means to expand their consumer base. Are you guilty of doing the same? Then perhaps it’s time you experimented with different types of marketing products that you have never used before. Magnetic business cards are great examples of simple yet powerful promotional vehicles that you can use to help your name become more visible to your target customers.

With magnetic business cards, you supply target clients with all the important information they need to contact you while making sure that they can see your details on a daily basis. These are the types of promotional items that rarely get thrown out by consumers because they are extremely useful. Magnetic business cards can stick to any metal surface, ranging from refrigerator doors to filing cabinets, bulletin boards, and even office desks. If the recipient puts your magnetic business card on the home refrigerator, then you’re in luck, as the kitchen receives the most traffic in an average household. Just imagine how much exposure your business can get through these highly versatile promotional items.

Magnetic business cards can be customized in many ways to reflect your unique brand image. They help keep your brand name and promotional messages clearly displayed right in front of target customers for a very long time. Whether you want to promote a pizza parlor, a repair shop, or any other kind of business, product or service, promotional magnets such as magnetic business cards can be huge business generators for your company, helping you create a strong recall for your brand and promote better recognition for your products and services.

Apart from these, there are many other benefits to using magnetic business cards for promotion, including:

  • Customization –Magnetic business cards can be printed with any type of logo, design, message, or image.
  • Versatility – You can choose from a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and colors.
  • Durability – They hold up well even with years of use.
  • Value – They are inexpensive and virtually pay for themselves.

Finally, they are effective and practical, and very easy to distribute. Marketing is all about making your brand, product, or service known to people—and magnetic business cards from LogoNation help you do just that.

About the Company:

Founded in 1998, LogoNation provides a variety of promotional products for businesses including key chains, magnetic business cards, pens and pencils, hats, and more; as well as the CommuniTee, a grassroots specialty advertising vehicle that allows community businesses to reserve ad space on the back of a custom-designed, community-specific t-shirt.


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