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5 Ways to Make Your Small Business Promotion More Social

Small business meeting

Successful small business owners know one of the keys to winning over customers is establishing a relationship that’s built on trust with them. While knowing these needs to be accomplished is important, pulling it off isn’t always easy. LogoNation Inc. is here to help.

As LogoNation reviews show, we specialize in helping other businesses promote themselves to their client bases. Every one of our promotional products is designed to help bolster marketing efforts and make face-to-face encounters with potential clients more successful.

If it’s time to make promotions more social and truly connect with customers in the process, here are five ways we recommend getting the job done:

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Affordable Advertising Options For Your Small Business

L-and-E-Properties-300pixIt’s fairly common for small business owners to face a financial quandary when it comes to advertising. After all, it can be very expensive to promote a company to a particular target market. Print ads, television spots and radio commercials can quickly eat up a small company’s advertising budget in a single run. Not advertising at all, however, can cost a company new business and the potential for growth that comes along with it. LogoNation Inc. can help companies address their advertising concerns in smart and affordable ways.

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Marketing Strategies and Tips to Reach Your Target Audience

LogoNation Inc. is a small business that’s dedicated to helping others boost their bottom lines through smart, affordable marketing efforts. To achieve that objective, companies need to identify their target audiences and make the right moves to reach them directly.

target-audience-36776086_sHere are a few tips that can help:

  • Define target audience carefully – In order to gain success from the types of targeted marketing that have worked for thousands of small businesses, companies need to know who they are trying to reach. Define target audience not only based upon current customers, but also the types of people the company would also like to reach. A hair salon that primarily serves women in a particular town, for example, might want to expand its income by pulling in more male customers.

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LogoNation Inc.: Effective Marketing to Reach Your Target Audience

Effective marketingLarge, costly advertising spends, such as television and radio commercials, have their place for big companies. They, however, often function more like a shotgun approach, with advertisers never entirely sure if they’re going to reach their target audiences. There are smarter, more cost-efficient ways to reach out to target audiences directly to gain the type of marketing traction small businesses need to succeed. LogoNation Inc. can help on this front.

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Tips for Building a Successful Small Business

mng-small-biz-45069254_sGetting a small business off the ground takes more than industry expertise and an investment of time and money. In order for any business to thrive, marketing must also be a priority from day one.

LogoNation Inc. has worked with small businesses across the country for nearly two decades, helping them boost their client bases while growing their businesses. Here are just a few of the tips related to growing a small business the company’s leaders offer to the clients they serve and your business:
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5 Tips For Balancing Work and Recharging

If you run a machine all the time without maintenance, it burns out. Likewise if you run your business all the time without recharging, you’ll burn out. Balancing work with recharging is one of the most important keys to effectiveness and success in business.

There’s more to achieving this balance than just getting enough sleep, although that is very important. To learn some of the newest and most effective tips to balance your life and enjoy greater success, read on:

  1. Sleep Matters – Maybe when you were younger you could pull all-nighters or stay up past midnight and be fine the next day. But as you age, enough regular sleep is extremely important. Arianna Huffington, energetic leader of the Huffington Post, has become a huge advocate of getting about 8 hours of sleep a night after she collapsed in exhaustion from lack of sleep. Sleep needs vary from person to person, but this is Rule #1 for recharging each day.

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Tips for Building and Maintaining Brand Value for Small Business

IMG_9987Branding is the way small businesses with exceptional products or services promote their accomplishments and offerings to multiple audiences in an effort to build and maintain clientele. Building and maintaining the brand, however, may involve skills and tactics that not every business owner is well versed in. Here are some tips that LogoNation Inc. has found very helpful in its efforts to assist clients across the county:

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The Greatest Management Principle For Your Business    

training-10706028_sThere is one simple but powerful management principle that anyone can use, not only in their small business but in all their relationships, including raising kids:

“The things that get rewarded get done.”

This simple idea was made famous a few years back by Michael LeBoeuf, author of the small but influential book, “The Greatest Management Principle In The World.” The reason it is so powerful is that it is based on one of the laws of science: Whatever gets reinforced gets repeated.

But how do put this powerful principle to work in your small business?

The key to making this Greatest Management Principle work for you in your business and life is to be aware of and careful about what you reward. In the hustle-bustle of everyday business, it’s all too easy to reward quick fixes, risk avoidance and busywork that doesn’t really create value.

The character Wally in the Dilbert comic strip is a perfect example of a guy who manages to do nothing but walk around with a coffee mug in hand because he has become an expert at being rewarded just for showing up and making excuses like he’s waiting on other people to get back to him.

As you manage your business and relationships, be careful to reward solid solutions and work that creates value for customers, and if possible withhold rewarding sloppy work and just showing up.

Yes big reward banquets and recognition ceremonies are nice, but it’s the day to day behavior that will make or break your small business. Encourage your team not only to create maximum value for customers but also to try to continuously improve. In a group situation, public recognition and praise can be far more effective than money in rewarding and sustaining desired behavior.

Other team members see this recognition and want it too – so they try harder to improve.

LeBoeuf suggests that you:

  • Choose the results you want
  • Identify the behavior needed
  • Decide on the proper rewards
  • Use the power of positive feedback
  • Dispense rewards, enjoy success and set new goals.

The bottom line: Everybody works smarter when there’s something in it for them.

Try this careful-rewards principle in your business and personal life and you’ll be rewarded yourself!

For ideas on rewards you can give your team members or customers, check out these ideas from

LogoNation Inc. – How The Right Advertising Boosts Revenue

IMG_9983Building a loyal customer base doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time, effort and in most cases a financial investment as well. Advertising can play a big role in the process, and when done correctly this is one investment that can pay off well with increased revenue.

Carefully planned marketing and promotional projects, such as those offered by LogoNation Inc., will cost some money upfront but pay off with increased revenue. Well-executed advertising strategies boost revenue in a number of ways. Here are just a few:

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